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Knowledge Sharing

This is an abridged form of the full Terms of Use, for the purpose of drawing the attention of Contributors to some of the clauses relevant to sharing Content. The full version of the Terms of Use is the only legally valid document, and content contributors need to have agreed to that full version when submitting content.

Abridged list of definitions 
“Content” is content uploaded by a Contributor to the Platform and approved by the uKESA Administrator into the online library (including – without limitation - abstracts, bibliographies, books, book chapters, conference papers, dissertations, theses, government documents, learning material, legislation, manuals guidelines, media articles, meeting reports, models, tools, newsletters, policy briefs, presentations, press releases, reports, research papers, reviews, speeches, technical papers, working papers, comments and discussion) which may be uploaded in various formats.
“Contributor” is a User of the uKESA Platform who is entitled to make use of Contributor Actions.
“Contributor Actions” are actions carried out by Contributors who have subscribed to the Platform and include - without limitation - the right to upload relevant and approved Content for public sharing on the Platform, announce an event, post a comment on another Contributor’s Content, join a discussion forum, share links to other websites, and create an organisation profile for their affiliated organisations. 
“Platform” is the uKESA online content management system.
“Urban Knowledge Exchange Southern Africa” or “uKESA” is a project which is run under the auspices of the CSIR. 
“uKESA Administrator” is a person or persons responsible for  - without limitation - the Content approval process and approval of Contributors and Users, with rights to access the front and back ends of the Website, and to approve, reject or block Content, Users, and/or Contributors on the Website.
“uKESA Material” is the Platform/ the Website, the content developed by uKESA and uploaded to the Platform, and the Platform metadata.
“User” is a person who accesses and/or uses the Website and/or the Platform.
“Website” is the website page from where the Platform is accessed.

Use of the Platform
A User/Contributor acknowledges that he/she is responsible for complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (4 of 2013) and all other applicable laws when using the Platform.
A User/Contributor must use the Platform in a responsible, ethical and professional manner.
A User/Contributor may not resell any Content and/or uKESA Material without the prior written consent of uKESA and/or the owner of the Content concerned.
A Contributor hereby confirms that he/she has the required authority to share all Content that he/she contributes, that sharing such Content shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party and/or that any necessary permissions or authorisations required to share Content have been duly obtained. The Contributor indemnifies and holds uKESA, the CSIR and its principals, directors, employees and service providers harmless against the Contributor’s breach of the intellectual property rights of third parties.
A Contributor may make a written request to uKESA to take down any Content contributed by him/her at any time. This will be carried out at the discretion of the uKESA Administrator who, should the request be accepted, agrees to take down such content within fourteen (14) days of receipt of such request, or within such reasonable time as the uKESA administrator would be able to do so.
A Contributor must apply appropriate security best practices to secure his/her account which includes – without limitation - keeping passwords safe and confidential. 
A Contributor is responsible for all activity which occurs on or through his/her account. 
If a Contributor learns of, or reasonably suspects, any unauthorised use of his/her user account, the Contributor must immediately notify uKESA at uKESA@csir.co.za.
uKESA’s Rights
Contributor Actions are subject to preapproval by the uKESA Administrator.
uKESA reserves the right to amend, reformat, delete, share and/or not to share Content. Please see the Editorial Guide [hyperlink] for further information. 
uKESA reserves the right to update the Website and/or Platform. A User indemnifies uKESA against any damages he/she may incur as a result of unavailability of the Platform and/or unavailability or loss of Content. 
uKESA may suspend or stop providing access to the Platform to a User if it believes or discovers non-compliance by such User with these Terms of Use.

Contributors may only use the Platform as permitted by law and in accordance with the complete Terms of Use.
A Contributor must use his/her own account. A Contributor may not rent, lease, loan, trade or sell their access to the Platform. 
A Contributor may not misuse the Platform or use the Platform to share Content that is considered inappropriate or contains Content unacceptable to the uKESA Administrator. This includes – without limitation - data which:
•    is illegal,
•    may harm computer and network systems and the data on them i.e.  viruses or malware, 
•    infringes on any trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights (i.e. use of such data without permission or appropriate authority) [e.g. movies, music, video clips, images, photographs, books, games and any other software.]
•    contains nudity or anything of a sexually explicit nature, or any other intimate image of an identifiable person without that person’s explicit consent, or
•    incites damage to property or violence.

A Contributor must refrain from harassing, abusing, discriminating against, participating in hate-speech or harming another person or unlawfully infringing on another Contributor’s right to use and enjoy the Platform or any related discussion forums.
A Contributor may not use the Platform to disclose, or attempt to disclose, personal or confidential information to persons or entities not authorised to receive it.
A Contributor may not attempt to override, defeat or circumvent any security feature of the Platform.

Proprietary Rights
The uKESA Material is the property of uKESA.
Copyright in the Content is owned by the Contributor or the copyright holder. 
The Contributor hereby grants to the CSIR a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use the Contributor’s Content for the  purposes of providing the Platform, including - without limitation - the right to publish, reproduce, reformat, amend, integrate in a database and archive the Content.
The User agrees to use the Content strictly in compliance with the copyright licence relating to the Content concerned.
No licence is granted to use any trademarks of the CSIR nor those of any third party displayed on the Platform, without the prior written consent of the proprietor of the trademark concerned. The display of any third party trademarks on the Platform does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the CSIR of the products, services or companies concerned.

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